Rabbi Vladimir Pikman

Beit Sar Shalom
12174 Berlin

Vladimir Pikman was born to a Jewish family in Kiev (Ukraine). Through different circumstances in his life, both in Ukraine and Israel, and through his personal study of the Old Testament he came to the faith in Jesus the Messiah in the age of 22.

He committed his life to bring the Gospel to his Jewish people. Since 1992 serving in different countries of Europe and worldwide, he has led Jewish outreaches and started several messianic congregations. God has used Vladimir to lead many people to the Lord, to find and equip new ministers and to start new messianic ministries in several countries.

In year 2000 he was ordained as a messianic Rabbi.

Vladimir is the founding Executive Director of Beit Sar Shalom, the largest Jewish-messianic ministry in Germany, and the Rabbi of the messianic congregation in Berlin. In Chosen People Global Ministries (the network of the Jewish ministries in 14 countries) he helps in coordinating the ministry in Western and Eastern Europe. He was the founding President of the German Messianic Jewish Alliance and is the Vice-President of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance.

Vladimir Pikman holds Master of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Ukrainian National University in Kiev, Bachelor of Theology from Cornerstone International University, and Master of Theology with the Highest Honours and Award for the Highest Scholastic Achievement from Dallas Theological Seminary. Vladimir is presently working on his PhD in New Testament Exegesis at University of Dortmund (Germany).

His wife, Inna, also a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (MABL) is also currently working on her PhD in Biblical Linguistics at Free University of Berlin (Germany). She is a very gifted musician and has a beautiful voice. She is a worship leader in the Berlin messianic congregation and has recorded several albums. She also teaches Biblical Hebrew and Greek at the Messianic Institute in Berlin.

Vladimir lives in Berlin, Germany, with his wife and two daughters, Elishevah (13) and Shoshannah (10).